Church Mural
21 Club Artist

Q- How much does a 10'x12' mural cost?

A- The size doesn't really determine the price. It's actually the amount of detail.

Sky and clouds costs less than The Last Supper...


Q- What does an average mural cost?

A- My murals are not average but start around $10,000.


Q- I don't want to spend the money in case we decide to move.

A- Because I usually paint on canvas, you can take the mural with you if you move and reinstall it a new home. I personally install all murals myself by gluing it to the wall or ceiling. Usually takes only one day. No special preparation is needed.


Q- I don't know what I want.

A- Creating a mural for your home can be great fun. As the client, you are commissioning a one of a kind piece of art. I generally start with three ideas for the space, all quite different from each other with three levels of pricing. Then we can start to narrow it down to a final sketch.


Q- What if I don't like it when it's done?

A.- Won't happen because you are involved during the whole process. I email picture updates and can even Skype you into the studio if you wish. I will not just show up with a finished mural and hope you like it.


Q- Where are you located?

A- I currently live in the New York City Metropolitan Area but have traveled as far as Egypt for a gig. My murals can be rolled and shipped anywhere you like.



Give me a ring or drop me an email if you have any other questions.